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NetBeans CVS access with SSH

If your ssh key is secured with a password you need to run a ssh agent (e.g. PuTTY agent) on your client machine, because NetBeans has no support for ssh passwords.

Enter your CVS_ROOT in the following syntax:


You must use external shell command to execute ssh, e.g. for Putty under windows environment:

C:\Program files\Putty\plink.exe -ssh -i <path-to-ssh-keyfile>

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  1. Hi ,

    I have made a web application in netBeans 7.0. I am using pserver type in CVS to store project on the server.

    But when I give my project to colligue, It has not asked for CVS password in other PC. So is there any way to provide ssh type authentication with pserver ???

    Kindly help me..

    Thank You,
    Gunjan Shah.