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Firebird connection pool with SJSAS

To use a connection pool datasource with the Sun Java System Application server you must copy the Firebird JDBC driver “Jaybird” in the directory ${com.sun.aas.instanceRoot}/lib/ext of your application server. The variable ${com.sun.aas.instanceRoot} stands for the application server instance directory, e.g. c:\sun\appserver\domains\domain1 for the default instance under windows environment.

The jaybird driver includes the following special classes for sun application servers:


Use the following properties to configure the datasource:

userName      FireBird username
password      FireBird password
databaseName  FireBird database URL (host:<database path>)
encoding      Database charset
loginTimeout  Login timeout (seconds)

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  1. you know what may be this error?
    could not obtain connection during blocking timeout(10000ms)

  2. Hey! Thank you very much for this Post! This save my skin!!

  3. Hi guys,

    I have spent some time trying to figure out why when I try to define the Database Vendor for Firebird, that one is not available. As I can see, you solved this problem. Could you tell me which database vendor did you use?

    Thanks in advance, and let me tell you that’s a great site.